Grenada Airports Authority – Piloting Grenada’s Future In Aviation And Tourism

Executive Lounge at MBIA

Executive Lounge at MBIA

The Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) is the single entity responsible for the management, control and supervision of the operations of the tri-island state’s three airports that include the territory’s principal gateway – Maurice Bishop International Airport and Pearls Airports in Grenada and the Lauriston Airport in Carriacou.

The statutory organization was established in 1990 and today operates under a liberalized aviation policy with the support of the government of the day.


Under the direction of CEO Wendy Francette-Williams, the GAA has been charged with the mandate to modernize, diversify and improve the services of the aviation sector in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


In 2014, the GAA made history in commissioning its first Fixed Base Operator/Jet Center facility at Maurice Bishop International Airport, catering for business, general aviation services and airline first class and premium passengers.

IAM Caribbean Inc., a leading silver business aviation handling and fuel services operator in the Caribbean, runs the facility. IAM operates in 24 airports across the region – including its flagship full service FBO facilities in Barbados, Montego Bay, Jamaica and now Grenada.

The move was a key part of the Grenada Government’s plan to developing a world class tourism destination, and came as part of ongoing plans to further develop and modernize the MBIA.

It is seen as a strong signal of the Airports Authority’s commitment to develop and improve the quality of customer service offered at MBIA through public/private partnership initiatives.

Following this, the GAA announced the opening of its Executive Lounge Services with a pay-in lounge concept. This facility offers all travellers the comfort and convenience of an airport lounge regardless of class of travel or airline, with the common goal of enhancing the airport experience.

The GAA Executive Lounge sits on the Upper Mezzanine Floor of the Departure Hall at Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA). It is a luxurious air-conditioned facility that caters for a maximum of thirty (30) guests.

Moreover, just last November, the GAA went further to take its place with other, more developed Caribbean territories in the aviation sector with the commissioning of a new Aviation Training Center at the MBIA.

This training facility is poised to serve as a platform to facilitate aviation and other relevant training for the industry in Grenada and the wider region and will not only be used for recurrent training programmes carried out by the GAA and its stakeholders, but will also be made available to the general public to host courses in partnership with the Authority.

The vision here is to build a client base in preparation for the construction of a Grenada Aviation Academy. Vaughn Aeronautical College will commence their programmes by the first quarter of 2017 in areas of Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Dispatch Operations and Airport Operations.

Should the GAA continue its modernization trajectory, the island of Grenada would realize an almost US$200 million boost, adding to its already booming economy thanks to an influx of tourism and approved Citizen by Investment (CBI) projects.

Today, the GAA is looking at driving Grenada in the direction of becoming a pivotal hub in the Caribbean for Tourism, Cargo and Aviation Training.

It is working to inculcate a pioneering and service-led culture in the aviation and tourism sector and has gotten involved with key stakeholders to aggressively market the island and its people as a happy, creative and empowered group.

The ultimate result will see the GAA standing as the key catalyst in the enhancement and development of a brand that depicts the tri-island state as an inclusive, cohesive territory to live, study, work and visit.