Legend Way International – Building Dreams and Creating Legacies


Legend Way International launched its real estate development initiatives on the island of Grenada in 2013. At the forefront of its agenda is the push to establish a sound housing programme, which in effect will bring home ownership within the reach of the majority of the population.

Legend Way Int’l knows that this is the appropriate time to move ahead with its several ventures on the island of Grenada, including their “Lua Azul” brand of housing developments and resorts. They also recognize the need and opportunities for offering a sustainable housing product that is durable, affordable and will meet the building needs across all sectors of the population. Legend Way has undertaken years of research and due diligence and have liaised with experienced construction implementation and management teams to efficiently execute its strategies.

The unprecedented success of Legend Way’s initiatives to date in Grenada can be directly attributed to:
• Excellent professional management that has a mastery of choosing the most opportune time and the construction product that is appropriate for the market.
• Providing an excellent, sustainable, durable and affordable product, whose acceptance and use will continue to grow at an accelerated rate into the future.
• Delivering consistent, outstanding results with a team that possesses more than 70 years of experience combined.

Affordable Housing Initiative
Legend Way’s housing programme has reached all sectors of the society. They have used their alternative construction methods to build homes ranging in prices from $150,000.00 to $1,000,000.00.

Legend Way is extremely excited because this year will mark the introduction of yet another construction method that will allow them to build two bedroom homes for less than $150,000.00

Real Estate Developments


Legend Way’s first housing development on the island on Grenada is Ridgeway Residences, a joint collaboration with the Ariza Credit Union. It is located in Morne Jaloux to the south of the island, minutes away from the capital city St. Georges. There are five (5) different Home Models. Within the architectural design of those models, would be an additional seven (7) variations. Potential owners would meet with the “Design Team” to discuss and consider any ideas, assuring a seamless process towards and during construction. The development will feature; gated community, clubhouse, community pool, walking paths and reserved green areas.

Phase 1 of the project is comprised of 48 lots spread out over 19 acres. Due to current market trends and the projects intended market segment, the proposed selling prices of the homes will range between $433,000 to $799,000. This translates to approximately a 25% to 30% saving to comparable housing units in the area. The market positioning, scale and location of this development makes it very attractive.

A second housing development in the Parish of St. Andrew will commence this spring.

The Ariza Credit Union is the primary financer for this project. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist and answer any questions you may have concerning the financing of one of the homes at Ridgeway. Advantage Realty and Investments will be the primary sales and marketing representatives for this project

Céu Grenada


Legend Way International is poised to develop a medium scale Boutique 20 Unit condominium project to be located in Calliste St Georges. CÉU by Lua-Azul will be the first of its kind on the exclusive Eastern Caribbean Island of Grenada in the West Indies. The project will be located a few minuets away from both the international airport and St. Georges University.