PURE GRENADA: Peaceful, Unspoilt, Rejuvenating, Enchanting

Grenada Underwater Sculpture

Grenada Underwater Sculpture

The three islands of Grenada are gems in the Caribbean Sea, hugged by white and black sand beaches, painted with lush green landscapes, and animated by the friendliest people on Earth. A trip to Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique is easy-going and laid back, as said by the 400,000 persons who visit every year.

The destination brand, Pure Grenada – the Spice of the Caribbean is a geotourism-positioning that launched a marketing thrust into the nation’s major source markets – the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Caribbean and Germany. Pure packages Grenada as a geotourism destination where cultural preservation and environmental sustainability are at the pinnacle of destination management and marketing. The geographic character of the three islands are sustained and enhanced for the social, cultural and economic benefit of Grenadians. Tourism is the backbone of this economy, as the single largest foreign exchange earner that contributes 25% to the gross domestic product (GDP) and creates 11,000 jobs for this population of 100,000.


Pure Grenada transcends into the way the public and private sectors preserve natural habitats, their flora and fauna. The Grand Ètang National Park & Forest Reserve is the only home to the Mona Monkey in the Western Hemisphere and is the largest portion of the two-fifths of landmass dedicated to forest reserve, national parks and sanctuaries. There are already 3 declared marine protected areas in the tri-island state, one of which includes the World’s First Underwater Sculpture Park named among the 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinière Bay is a manmade reef filled with life-size sculptures like the Ring of Children, the Christ of the Deep, and the Nutmeg Princess. Grenada is also the first Caribbean country to complete a Blue Growth master plan and launch a Blue Growth Institute aimed at environmental and economic sustainability in the marine sectors to create jobs, increase income, and improve food security. The World Bank and the OECS are currently using this example as a benchmark for its implementation in other Caribbean island states.
Pure Grenada is the Spice capital of the Caribbean, being among the top exporters of nutmeg in the world and a producer of clove, cinnamon, mace, ginger, vanilla, bay leaf, turmeric and other spices used in food, medicines, and beauty products. The mainland is home to 3 rum factories that distill and blend award-winning spirits like Clarke’s Court’s Black Gold and Special Dark & Westerhall Rums’10 degrees Rum and Plantation Rum. The River Antoine Rum Distillery converts raw organic sugarcane into signature rum using a cane crusher powered by the only working 18th century-waterwheel in the Western Hemisphere. Local organic produce can excite those with a sweet tooth. Grenada boasts at least 3 chocolate brands that are made with locally-grown cocoa, with 2 of these based on the mainland at the Grenada Chocolate Company Limited near Belmont Estate and Jouvay Chocolate at the Diamond Chocolate Factory. Even the honey produced in Grenada receives top awards. In 2015 and 2016, the rich honey produced by beekeepers at Eden Apiaries won a gold medal for best honey in the world outside of the British Isles.


Grenadians love deep soulful rhythms and tasty satisfying meals and celebrate these in annual food and music festivals. There are 2 annual carnival celebrations: Carriacou Carnival occurs during the pre-Lenten period on the island of Carriacou well known for its unique Shakespeare Mas, and Spicemas climaxes on the second Monday and Tuesday of August with its signature J’ouvert and Monday Night Mas. Traditional culture and food are also on display at the Carriacou Maroon String band Festival, Parang Festival, Grenada Chocolate Festival, and the Pure Grenada Music Festival. The annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament, Grenada Sailing Week, Grenada Sailing Festival Workboat Regatta, Carriacou Regatta, and the Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta all showcase the seafaring and boatbuilding cultures present in this nation.

There is always a reason to visit. Diving is out of this world with colourful coral reefs, a playground for turtles, stingrays, and sharks, and with the largest wreck dive in the Caribbean the Bianca C. The stage is set for intoxicating romance with sunset sails, secluded beaches, and moonlit skies. Adventures in the rainforest include hiking to towering peaks, tubing down a river, manoeuvring bumpy trails with a dune buggy, and biking along the beautiful vistas. The tranquil bays are ideal for paddle boarding, kayaking, fly boarding, snorkelling and simply relaxing on the powdery sand. The unique history of British, French, African, and Amerindian influences make Grenada a very diverse and interesting nation.
Adventures await in Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean.