Saint Lucia Manufacturers Take Centre Stage

Although there was plenty of emphasis on small entrepreneurs and businesses, some of the biggest names in the Saint Lucia Manufacturers’ Association (SMA) set up their exhibits at the Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017, and a special pavilion was constructed to house the association’s brightest successes.


From to Caribbean Metals to Caribbean Awnings, Baron Foods to Blue Waters St. Lucia, ExelSigns to Lubeco Bedding, Saint Lucia’s manufacturing sector put on their best game face and proved that the island is producing some of the region’s most successful, highest quality products.


Among the most popular exhibitors at the four-day Specialty Caribbean Expo were the dazzling array of jewellery-makers, craftspeople and artisans, whose products were as fascinating as the stories behind them.


From around the OECS islands and Martinique, with styles as different as their personalities, expo-goers were treated to a taste of what is possible when tropical beauty meets the creative, entrepreneurial mind. From seeds and pods to coconut and bamboo, handmade jewellery was a real draw, and no two exhibitors were alike.


Without a doubt, Saint Lucian talent was on parade, with artisans like Alcina Nolley’s sterling silver, sunset-inspired pieces showing a world class level of skill and quality. The darling of handbag fashionistas, Meme Bete, showed why Taribba Do Nascimento is gaining a reputation for style and quality, while the intrinsically Caribbean creations of Lyn Bristol drew attention for their soft, colourful designs.


Button Up, a local t-shirt manufacturer with two generations of experience, had one of the most creative booths featuring a ‘do-it-yourself screen-printing station’ which had a visit from at least one government dignitary!


Other creative industries were well-represented, with book publishers, photographers, media content providers, musical artists and self-development companies among the exhibitors.