Ramon Peachey

Ramon Peachey comes to the OECS as a CARICOM national and with a strong communications for development (C4D) background with tertiary qualifications in Economics, Agribusiness and Professional Communication.

Ramon was more recently responsible for leading the communications program for one of Australia’s largest governance capacity building programs in the Pacific. In this role he was also responsible for developing a prime time Q&A television series there.  The series provided the live studio audience, comprised of everyday citizens, a national platform to pose questions to key decision makers, observers and experts from across Government, The Private Sector and Civil society on the development opportunities and challenges facing the region to ultimately help drive a better standard of living through increased accountability.  The Pacific shares a number of similarities with the Caribbean in terms of the development challenges it faces and the series examined such diverse areas as youth entrepreneurship, tourism potential, education, law and order, agriculture, private - public sector partnerships, fisheries, housing affordability, churches and their role in development, the arts sector and gender equality and social inclusion as but some examples.

As a televised dialogue for development supplemented by short regional documentaries capturing regional voices, it importantly raised awareness on a number of initiatives while providing a national voice for marginalized groups to contribute to the national political discourse to help shape local, regional and national policy related to service delivery and to ensure better inclusive development.

Ramon was also involved in leading the development of the largest Government Department website in Papua New Guinea helping disseminate Government information in a more user friendly and accessible fashion as part of Australia’s foreign assistance package to the nation. He is interested in the use of innovation and new technologies to empower people, provide better data for decision making and give a ‘voice to the voiceless’ and sees potential for emerging technologies and innovation to further drive the development of the Caribbean region.