High Level Forum to be Held in Grenada on Blockchain Technology and Digital Currencies

Campeche International Consultants Inc, will be hosting a major, high level forum aimed at fostering public awareness and education on the twin issues of “block chain technology and digital/crypto currencies” and their likely consequences on the financial and trading landscape in Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

The forum carded for Wednesday 11th September, 2019 will be held under the theme “Block Chain and Digital Currencies – The Future of Money Is Now.”

Dr. Stephen Fletcher, Chief Strategist of Campeche International Consultants Inc said that, “the main objectives of this FORUM are to outline the context and approach adopted by the ECCB, with regards to its current pilot project and assess current attitudes and attempts by International Central Banks with regards to digital currencies.”

Dr. Fletcher further noted, “participants will be provided with strategic insights into the possible consequences of digital currency on the financial institutions in Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.”

Participants are expected to come from, civil society organisations, private and public sectors, with expected presentation from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, technology experts and local bankers and strategic thinkers.

The conference is expected to address issues and questions such as; what are the perceptions of our populations in the East Caribbean Currency Union Area on digital currency; as a unit of account, a means of exchange, and store of value; to what extent is the ECCB’s pilot project a strategic response to the external financial threats and challenges posed by multiple issues of de-risking, future of correspondence banking relationships, blacklisting, etc.

Dr. Fletcher stated that these issues and questions are very important to both the private and public sectors, adding that questions such as what are the current trends with regards to the adoption of digital currencies by Central Banks; what are some of the governance, regulatory and legal issues associated with the introduction of digital currencies; and to what extent is the monetary system (money and payment systems) expected to experience disruptions, and what are some of the critical steps the local and regional banks and credit unions should undertake in order to reduce and or eliminate such disruptions will definitely be addressed at the forum.

Campeche International Consultants Inc is an Independent Management & Advisory Consultancy. In addition to the core functions of the consultancy, every year the consultancy hosts a series of public education forums on issues of public interest.

Source: The Grenada Informer