Antigua Proceeds with Telecoms Bill and Liberalisation of Sector

Telecoms giant Digicel is calling on the Antigua & Barbuda Government to have a six-month implementation window for the new Telecommunications Bill.

In a statement, the company said it welcomed the Bill, but this would allow enough time for the Regulatory Committee to be established to oversee its compliance.

“As the customer champion in Antigua & Barbuda, we are in full support of the new Bill which we believe is a great step towards further liberalisation, ensuring that the framework is in place for a well-regulated market – which will ultimately benefit customers across Antigua & Barbuda,” said Digicel Antigua & Barbuda CEO, Rob Mayo-Smith.

The company said the legislation, being introduced by Telecommunications and Broadcasting Minister Melford Nicholas, will ensure that there is a level playing field for all service providers and increased competition.

Digicel said this will result in more choice, better service and better value for customers.

“The Minister is continuing the great work that was initiated by APUA, ensuring that Antigua’s legislation is kept current and on par with other Caribbean markets while at the same, tailored to the country’s best interests,” said Mayo-Smith.

“While we believe that customers across Antigua & Barbuda stand to gain significantly from the promise of full liberalisation and a well-regulated telecommunications sector, we’re also calling on the government to put in place a six-month implementation window and a Regulatory Committee to oversee compliance and ensure that customers are getting the full benefit of competition,” he added.