FLOW and TEPA Support Local Businesses

Flow and the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) are partnering for the hosting of a major business expo aimed at promoting greater business development in St. Lucia.

The event, dubbed the ‘Mini Services and Business Expo’ was held at the National Cultural Centre on Friday, September 25. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs as part of its planned activities for Business Month. The theme of it is ‘Economic Growth through Business Support.’ It is especially geared towards women and the youth.

The symposium will bring together representatives of small, medium and micro enterprises and aspiring business owners to link them up with a variety of support services and agencies. They will also benefit from a series of presentations delivered by a panel of business experts, investors and financiers. Flow will be providing the organisers with free high-speed broadband service to facilitate easy communication and to allow the participants to enjoy an engaging and interactive session.

Flow is strongly committed to supporting local business, including small, medium and micro enterprises. As a result, the company had no hesitation in sponsoring the Mini Services and Business Expo.

Over the years, Flow has been focusing on increasing the affordability and versatility of its broadband packages and other service offerings to make them accessible to businesses of all sizes. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of world-class technologies and solutions to promote and grow their business.

Flow St. Lucia Sales, Marketing & Communications Manager, Shermalyn Sidonie-John said, “We are proud to be partnering with TEPA for this excellent initiative. This is a great opportunity for SMEs who have special needs. The majority of people are employed in our local private sector work in small, medium and micro businesses scattered all over St. Lucia, many of them in rural communities. A lot of them are women, including single mothers, and increasingly more youths are trying to create employment for themselves. We appreciate the vital role such individuals play in furthering economic growth and prosperity, and so we are delighted to offer our support to the Mini Services and Business Expo.”