Geothermal Energy: An economical and eco-friendly alternative

The global community is currently focused on finding sustainable energy sources and developing the right technologies to harness this energy in an efficient and affordable manner that will meet the growing needs of our planet. The drive for renewable energy and energy efficiency has remained strong despite the recent fall in oil prices, demonstrating clearly that sustainable energy is now part of the new green revolution that will fuel our future.

For the small developing islands of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) finding the optimum energy mix is a priority to ensure economic growth and a good standard of living for all. Energy represents a significant cost to households, businesses and the countries on a whole. Within the OECS region, all countries are dependent on external energy, spending as much as 30 percent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on fossil fuel imports in some cases. This contributes to a deficit in the balance of payments, and stymies development and competitiveness. Recognising the vulnerabilities posed by this energy situation, much effort is being spent in finding new energy options for the region. This is further spurred by the global thrust towards reducing global greenhouse emissions and climate change, which can have devastating impacts on small islands.

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