Grenada to Host Coalition of Service Industries 2019 Expo

Grenada Coalition of Service Industries (GCSI) has been hosting the Services Expo since 2017. And as each year passes our team learns and adapts so as to provide a better-quality experience.

This year the GCSI will be hosting the 3rd annual Services Expo from 18-19 July 2019 at the Grenada Trade Centre, under the theme, ‘Your Potential, Our Passion’.

At the last hosting of this event in 2018, there were some 34 booth holders representing service sectors such as Finance, Information Communication, Engineering, Business Support, Animation, Media, Education, Telecommunication and Medical Support among others. This year the aim of the GCSI is to increase the number of booth holders to 50, which would mean that more service sectors will be represented, therefore, capturing a greater segment of the talent, creativity and professionalism that is offered on our small, beautiful tri-island state. Major objectives of this event include:

  1. To highlight the importance of services to Grenada’s economy.
  2. To create awareness of the wide range of services currently produced locally.
  3. To enhance awareness of the potential that services offer for employment, self-employment, import substitution, export generation and economic development.
  4. To heighten interest of the population, especially the young, in becoming involved in services as a business and career.
  5. To showcase to policymakers and financial institutions the need to give greater support to services-related fields and endeavours.
  6. To provide business-to-business opportunities for service producers and potential users as well as opportunities collaboration and cluster formation.

A major feature at this annual expo is the musical entertainment (local creative sector), which takes place during the entire proceedings of each day but is more intensified at the end of the final day. This year, local singers and bands from Grenada and Carriacou will be represented, including Mathias and the Band, Ezron Stafford and more.

Considering the aforementioned information, have you begun making preparations to be a part of this event? Participate by registering for a booth or support by being present, gain knowledge about what Grenada has to offer.


  • Services Expo “Your Potential, Our Passion”
  • 18-19 July 2019
  • Grenada Trade Centre
  • Entrance fee – $1
  • Booth Prices
  • Small booths $300
  • Large booths $500
  • Corporate booths $2,500
  • Booths are limited.

For more information and to register:

Source: NOW Grenada