Travellers Looking Forward to the Reduction of Sea Departure Tax

Travellers on island are still awaiting the promised 50 percent reduction in Sea Departure tax between Antigua/Barbuda and Montserrat.

An Antigua Cabinet decision has for weeks now indicated that a decision was taken on the reduction but it has not cascaded down for implementation to take place.

On Montserrat, it’s been reported that the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo has been receiving complaints from travellers who are not benefiting from the promised reduced rate as per the Antigua/Barbuda Cabinet decision.

At present, the Office of the Premier is seeking further clarification and information from the government of Antigua/Barbuda on the scheduled implementation date for the Cabinet Decision.

Presently, travellers who spend more than 24 hours in Antigua are required to pay $75 dollars departure tax when traveling by ferry to Montserrat.