Million-Dollar Development Plans Announced for Roseau Central

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency, Joseph Isaac has revealed some of the plans that are in place for that constituency.

They include a Roseau Fresh Produce Market, housing and a parking facility.

He made the announcement at a consultation with residents of Roseau on Thursday.

“In regards of the new apartments we are thinking of, that will be about US$30 million, because it would be 4 major buildings,” he said….“We are looking at the Pound area with three buildings and the River Bank/River Street area with one building. That will amount to approximately over 175 dwelling units.”

He also mentioned the Roseau Enhancement Project which is estimated to cost US$22 million.

This will include river walls, setting up of sidewalks and running of utility lines for Independence Street, Great George Street and King George V Street.

The Botanical Gardens Development Project and the Roseau Fresh Produce Market included in the minister’s plans to enhance the city.

“We are looking at spending over US$1 million there [the Roseau Fresh Produce Market] to do a first phase of building a modern type facility, with sprinklers, so that if people have cabbage, lettuce, it will remain fresh, and upstairs, we have maybe some of the vendors on the Bayfront and on top of the building you have solar panels,” he explained.

Isaac also revealed plans to build a parking facility in Roseau to help alleviate the problem of parking in Roseau.

Joseph, who as a Cabinet minister, has responsibility for Urban Renewal, also announced that plans are being formulated for the hosting of a Roseau Development Conference. He is inviting residents of Roseau to participate when that day comes.

Isaac noted that the outcome of the Development conference will be to create a document that will be the Roseau road map for developing a climate resilient, smart city.

The conference is expected to take place at the Goodwill Parish Hall once the building is available.