OECS YES - Working towards a youth empowered society

It is no foreign topic that the youth in our region are in crisis. With insurmountable rates of unemployment and a number of social issues working against the youth, the OECS believed that a regional youth strategy needed to be developed to combat these factors head on. The OECS however, didn’t want the development of this youth strategy to be a document created by the older generation for the younger generation. Young people make up over 30% of the population of the OECS. If young people are to unite to find creative solutions and can have their voices be heard; the future of our region will be in good in hands. Young people need to be involved in the decision making process - the youth strategy must be for young people by young people.

And thus OECS YES was conceptualized by Digital Marketing Consultant, Anushka Singh. OECS YES - YES standing for Youth Empowered Society, was a brand created to serve as the primary mechanism for the OECS to communicate with and get a better understanding of young people in the region.

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