St Lucia Investor Testimonials

“The advantage of operating in Saint Lucia is tremendous. For us, the human capital would probably be the biggest asset; the people are very easy to deal with, very friendly; the business support that we enjoy from the government and the business sector is tremendous … we’ve had 23 wonderful years here, the business and political climate is very stable so I’m sure you’ll get good returns on your investment.” Andre Dhanpaul, Regional Director, Sandals Resorts International


“Our experience in setting up on the island has been fabulous … pioneering a new market is not easy but with the help of the government and Invest Saint Lucia in particular, it’s been fantastic. I would say to anybody looking to come to Saint Lucia, to contact Invest Saint Lucia, get an officer involved, they will do everything to investigate your opportunity and make the process as seamless and as painless as possible.” Andrew Hashey, Owner/Managing Director, Antillia Brewing Company


“Saint Lucia is an excellent opportunity; the people are warm … generous, and the country is beautiful. The opportunities are excellent, for individual, personal and collective development, be it from a personal point of view, a social point of view or a business perspective.” Paul Ash, General Manager, IGY Rodney Bay Marina



We’ve had a good working relationship in Saint Lucia. It’s welcoming, there’s incentives to do business and for a telecoms company, that’s important … we have a good relationship in terms of policy regulators and even the Government; we have great skill set and access to trained employees, that’s definitely something any investor looks out for and any investor who’s looking to grow and invest, a Saint Lucian market is absolutely perfect…”
Siobhan James-Alexander, Country Manager Digicel